BL-ZW2: Removable Polarizer Backlight for Petrographic Analysis

Petrographic microscopes are specialized microscopes that are used to examine thin sections of rocks and minerals. They are equipped with two polarizing filters: one in front of the light source and below the specimen, and the analyzing filter above the specimen in the optical stack. Petrographic microscopes are widely used in the field of geology, as well as in materials science, mineralogy, and other related fields.

The Dino-Lite BL-ZW2 Removable Polarizer Backlight Stage allows the Dino-Lite Digital Microscope to be used as a petrographic microscope. By combining the built-in polarizer on some Dino-Lite models with the BL-ZW2 backlight polarizer, researchers and scientists are able to achieve cross-polarization results comparable to traditional polarizing petrographic microscopes. This technique involves using two polarizing filters, one placed in front of the light source, and the other built into the Dino-Lite. When the filters are properly aligned, they allow the user to observe the sample in parallel or cross-polarized light. The new BL-ZW2 also allows users to remove the polarizer in front of the light, which enables plane-polarized light viewing.

The BL-ZW2 can be used to image birefringence properties for distinguishing anisotropic from isotropic materials, detecting defects, or examining internal stresses, making it suitable for industrial, petrographic, and biology applications. The optional MSAR5B Rotating Slide Holder designed for use with the BL-ZW2 backlight makes for easy rotation of thin sections and slides.

Petrographic microscopes are typically used to study the minerals and textures of rocks, as well as to identify and classify different types of rocks. They are also used to study the microstructures of minerals and to determine the crystalline structures of minerals. In addition, petrographic microscopes can be used to study the chemical composition of minerals, as well as to examine the internal structures of rocks and minerals, such as fractures and inclusions. Dino-Lite petrographic microscopes are equipped with built-in cameras, which allow users to take high-resolution images of their samples. These images can then be stored and analyzed later, or shared with colleagues.

Dino-Lite petrographic microscopes are essential tools for geologists, mineralogists, and other scientists who study the composition and properties of rocks and minerals, and they are widely used in a variety of fields to understand the Earth’s crust and its history.

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