Inspection and Quality Control Done Faster with Digital Overlays

One of the most cost-effective features in Dino-Lite software are the digital overlays. These include crosshairs, grids, and concentric circles with adjustable spacing to suit the needs of your application.

Application Suggestions

Overlays are great for these and other applications:

  • Density checks with the grid overlay
  • Aligning parts with crosshairs
  • Concentricity spot checks with the concentric circles
  • Quality control with custom drawings of known good parts


Digital overlays are available with all USB models that include the measurement feature. Please make sure to check your Dino-Lite specs or contact our technicians to confirm.

Common Overlays

Once the Dino-Lite is up and running with DinoCapture 2.0, you can find the digital overlays here:

Click the double-down arrows to reveal the additional options including digital overlays

Note: Make sure to set your magnification power if your model doesn’t have AMR.

Once the overlay is active, you can adjust the following:

  • Click here to adjust the space between each line, aka the “pitch”.
  • Right click anywhere on the preview image to access the controls to adjust the color and thickness of the overlay. Remember, it’s easier to see the overlay if you choose a color that has a high contrast with the specimen you are inspecting.


Overlays and Edge Tracing included in our DinoCapture 2.0 Tutorial video:

Custom Overlays

It is possible to create your own custom drawing with measurements and save that to a file which can be recalled whenever necessary.

  • Before doing this, please make sure to document the magnification power, focal length, and viewing angle of the Dino-Lite and the specimen. Creating your own custom fixtures can be very helpful.
  • Once your measurements and drawings have been set, right-click the viewing window and select “Export drawing”.  Please be sure to give the file a meaningful name.
  • Whenever you need to recall a custom overlay, right-click the viewing window and select “Import drawing”.

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