Direct-to-TV Microscopes: 3rd Party Accessories

Dino-Lite microscopes come in two primary families: USB models that are software enabled, but require a computer, and Direct to TV models which are more simple to install and have lower latency.

For those with Direct to TV models, it is often useful to expand the capabilities by using creative solutions from third party sources:

  • Crosshair generation to help with alignment
    • Transparent crosshair stickers:
    • “Gaming” monitors with built-in crosshair generators
      • Option 1 – 24” Asus with GamePlus
        • More about Asus Monitors with “GamePlus” feature, other brands have their own names for this feature, for example Acer monitors crosshair are via their “Aim Point” feature
        • List of known gaming monitors with crosshair features
    • Digital Reticle Generator
    • Hardware center dot overlay
  • Capture cards for recording videos and sharing live videos online:
  • Multi-cam input mixer for viewing multiple angles at the same time:
  • Timer outlet to let your Dino-Lite rest while your facility is closed:

If you’ve found any of these options useful or are using other solutions that we didn’t mention, we would love to hear about it!

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