Expert Tips: Jewelry Imaging with Dino-Lite

Dino-Lite digital microscope cameras are an effective and increasingly popular imaging device for use in the inspection and photographing of jewelry, diamonds, and other collectibles.

Wireless WF4115ZT with RK-06A stand and MSAK843 slotted stage

Take-in for Repairs & General Inspection

Entry Level: AM3111 with MS33W
Popular: WF4115ZT with RK-06A
Professional: AM73915MZT with RK-06A

The variable magnification capabilities allow for both close inspection and whole piece imaging. Use variable magnification from the popular Wireless WF4115ZT (both wireless WiFi battery and wired USB connection included) to capture all the details of your products. The oftentimes highly reflective nature of jewelry, diamonds, and other collectibles can present challenges in capturing satisfactory images. These challenges can be overcome by following a few simple guidelines and a bit of practice.

The most important factor in any imaging task is proper lighting. For close inspection (higher magnification/smaller Field of View (FOV)), the built-in LED lights of the Dino-Lite scopes should suffice. For larger FOV imaging at greater working distances, it may be necessary to switch off the built-in LED lights of the scope and utilize an external light source (ambient light and applied light).

Glare and reflection can be a big issue. If the Dino-Lite scope’s lights are turned on then simply positioning the scope at a slight angle can direct the reflected glare away from the scope/camera. If the Dino-Lite scope is equipped with the variable polarization feature then this can be utilized to control glare (especially at closer working distances).

Wireless-ready AF4115ZT with RK-06A stand and MS16J ring holder

Polarized light works well for certain jewelry surfaces. However, more often than not, diffused light will work best. Edge Series models include interchangeable caps such as the N3C-D2 diffuser which will be a jeweler’s best friend for working with diamonds. However, for loose diamonds, the MSAA112D diffuser cap is recommended. Also, the specially designed ring holder MS16J and multi-functional slotted stage MSAK843 will help hold objects for clear imaging. The BL-ZW1 polarizing backlight stage is particularly useful for observing different colored gemstones.

MS16J diamond/ring holder

Grading, Appraisals

Entry Level: AF4115ZT with MS35B
Popular: WF4915ZT with RK-06A
Professional: AM73915MZT with RK-06A

Appraise precious gems and diamonds effortlessly. Reveal GIA numbers, inclusions, facets, and cut quality for accurate grading with a model such as Wireless WF4915ZT which offers AMR (Automatic Magnification Reading) and EDOF (Enhanced Depth of Field) image stacking feature. The MS09B stand is recommended for portability and the RK-06A stand for precise and steady adjustments. The RK-06-PL extension pole can be used with the RK-06A for additional working distance if needed for larger objects such as necklaces. The optional MS15X-S2 XY Base allows jewelers to move objects underneath the microscope with ease.


Entry Level: AM4113ZT with MS35B & MS16J
Popular: AF4115ZT with RK-06A & MS16J
Professional: AM4517MZT with RK-06A & MS16J

Cataloging is made easy with the included software for Windows and Mac. Quickly capture, annotate, measure, and organize images into folders. For best overall results in achieving accurate color with the Dino-Lite scopes, it is advised to use “daylight” white light sources (LED, fluorescent, etc). It is also important to use an appropriate background color. White backgrounds work best in most instances. Different colored backgrounds and surroundings can significantly affect image color quality.


Entry Level: AF4915ZT with RK-06A, RK-06-PL & MSAK826W
Popular: AM4917MZT with RK-06A, RK-06-PL & MSAK826W
Professional: AM73915MZT with RK-06A, RK-06-PL & MSAK826W

If externally applied lighting is used (recommended for jewelry), then this can be controlled effectively by simply applying the light at an angle until the desired effect is achieved. Diffused Lighting is very effective in proper imaging. This can be achieved by simply shining the light source through a diffuser such as a light tent or something similar (even an opaque plastic beverage container). “Bouncing” light off of a diffusing surface works well (white plastic cutting board, plexiglass, etc.)

Again, lighting is a major factor in getting clear and attractive images of jewelry or any photography in general. Although Dino-Lite microscopes use built-in LED lights, external sources of light can be used and controlled to effectively photograph jewelry. The USB 3.0 AM73915MZT offers FLC (Flexible Lighting Control) that can help deal with the glare on reflective surfaces. The MSAK826W photo lightbox can also help eliminate any unwanted ambient light and control the lighting environment.

With the proper settings, the Edge Plus AM4917MZT can also offer some stunning results. Depending on the object, increasing the exposure and switching half of the LED lights off can help provide better images. Also, adjusting the brightness, contrast, white balance, and saturation settings in the ‘Camera Adjustment’ settings menu as shown in the images below will improve overall image quality as well.

Dino-Lite professional-quality microscopes will help reduce eye strain and are proven to be the essential ergonomic tool for any jeweler. These microscopes are portable yet powerful imaging and inspection solutions for any jewelry application. The Dino-Lite microscope for jewelers has the ability to inspect jewelry for repairs, examine stones, assist in appraisals, and make imaging inventory quick and easy.

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Optional Scopes:

AM3111: $149 (lower resolution, no measurement, lower cost) –
AM4111T: $329 (1.3MP resolution, no measurement) –
AM4113ZT: $499 (1.3MP resolution, polarization) –
WF4115ZT: $895 (wireless Edge Series) –
WF4915ZT: $1,165 (wireless Edge Series with AMR & EDOF) –
AM4517MZT: $949 (Edge Plus for best image quality with AMR, 1.3MP resolution) –
AM73915MZT: $1,469 (USB 3.0 for up to 45 FPS, 5MP resolution, sharp images, rich color) –

Optional Stands:

MS09B: $34 (portable stand) –
MS35B: $129 (stand) –
MSA2P: $29 (extension pole for MS35B) –
RK-06A: $199 (stand) –
RK-06-PL: $35 (extension pole for RK-06A) –

Optional Accessories:

MS15X-S2: $199 (XY positioning base) –
MS16J: $69 (ring, diamond, and loose stone holder) –
MSAK843: $69 (jewelry, diamond, loose stone tray) –
MSAK826W: $129 (photo light box) –
BL-ZW1: $299 (polarizing backlight stage for gemstones) –
MSAA112D: $19 (light diffuser) –

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