Lights, camera, action! If you don’t have the right lighting, the whole project might get stuck in the dark. With Dino-Lite microscopes, you have plenty of options to get just the right lighting.


Our standard lighting uses eight LEDs encircling the lens. The FLC feature available on Edge series models allows you to turn off quadrants and adjust the intensity of the LEDs as you need. Higher end models include eFLC which expands this functionality even further.

Adjustable Polarization

In some cases all you need to cut through the glare is some cross polarization. Many models include this built in. They allow the polarizing filter to be adjusted between parallel and cross polarization from our LEDs.

Interchangeable Caps

Most Edge series models include three interchangeable caps meant to manipulate the light. The N3C-S shields light from most angles, channeling the illumination in from one angle. This helps reveal surface texture. There are also two diffuser caps to choose from, the N3C-D and N3C-D2. These are a great alternative solution to glare for when the polarizer might not be enough.

Dino-Lite also offers two special optional caps. The N3C-A channels the lighting into a direct beam, for coaxial illumination. This is great for viewing into recessed areas. The N3C-R channels the lighting outward, away from the center of the Dino-Lite. This helps create a soft, even light on a larger area.

Special Lighting

In addition to models with eight white LEDs, Dino-Lite also offers special lighting in several forms:

  1. Ultraviolet: 375nm or 400nm LEDs
  2. Infrared: 780nm, 850nm, or 940nm LEDs with a special filter for only IR light.
  3. Fluorescent: A variety of LEDs with specific excitation wavelengths paired with a built in emission filter.
  4. Coaxial: A behind-the-lens light source which channels an intense beam of directed light. This is great for highly reflective material or viewing into recessed areas.

External Lighting

Sometimes direct reflected lighting just won’t do the trick. Using a backlight or external oblique light source is the only way to reveal the details you need. The BL-CDW offers lab-grade brightfield/darkfield transmitted light. The BL-ZW1 is a high quality adjustable polarization back-light. The SL-ZW1 is a convenient gooseneck LED with adjustable polarization.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out via phone, email, or chat. We’ll be happy to help.