New Product – HDMI Microscope AM5218MZT and AM5218MZTL

Models AM5218MZT and AM5218MZTL are two of our newest industrial-grade Edge Series USB digital microscopes.

Both models feature a digital output for HDMI or DVI monitors. These microscopes are great for live inspection.

Microscope Lens:

The Dino-Lite feature high-quality glass lenses to eliminate distortion with a flat focal plane.

Resolution and Frame Rate:

With both a high resolution and frame rate, Dino-Lite produces a clear image – perfect for handheld inspection.

Magnification Range and Working Distance:

Both models boast a versatile magnification range.

With the standard working distance model AM5218MZT, you get a magnification range from 20x to 220x.

You can increase the magnification and get a more detailed view (up to 220x magnification). At about 50x and 200x, you can focus without having to change the working distance.

The AM5218MZTL HDMI Microscope uses a long working distance. This is useful for applications that need more space between the microscope camera and the subject.

A larger field of view is available at lower magnifications. Mount the microscope further away and adjust the magnification dial from 5x to 140x.


To pause the image, hold the MicroTouch sensor for a brief time. To resume the image, repeat that again and give the sensor a brief touch.

To turn the lights on and off, hold it a bit longer. The LEDs start to blink, indicating they’re going to change from on to off. To turn the digital microscope’s LEDs back on, repeat that process again. Press and hold the Microtouch sensor until the lights will blink – they will now stay on.

Scroll Lock:

The scroll lock feature helps keep magnification level you desire and lock it in place. Once you have the magnification fixed where you want it, slide the “Lock” down to keep it in place. Once locked, the magnification dial will no longer move.


Built-in cross polarization helps cut through the glare, giving us an improved view.

Removable and Interchangeable Caps:

The interchangeable caps have many uses, including adjusting lighting and standoff length.

In the packaging:

Inside the box, you will find:

HDMI microscope, DVI and HDMI cables, power supply, interchangeable caps, storage pouch, and Velcro strap.

For more information call us at 888-668-2442 or visit:

AM5218MZT – ($949.00 USD)

AM5218MZTL – ($969.00 USD)

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