Dino-Lite USB microscopes pack a lot of imaging power into a small portable design. Portability is a huge factor for many users, but how can you use the USB Dino-Lite without a computer? Did you know a Raspberry Pi could be used to connect a Dino-Lite to a screen? Here are some of the options available..


DinoConnect Wi-Fi Streamer

DinoConnect for Dino-Lite on iOS and Android

Stream wirelessly to portable devices such as iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones, and tablets, or even laptops or computers with Wi-Fi connectivity. The USB Dino-Lite connects directly to this Wi-Fi adapter (model WF-10) and creates a closed signal that up to 10 devices can connect to simultaneously! Live viewing and image capture are possible on all devices and iOS devices can even perform simple measurements.

DinoConnect on iOS   

More information: https://www.dinolite.us/wifi



DinoDirect for Android

Many recent USB Dino-Lite microscopes can connect directly to compatible Android devices for live viewing and image capture with LED, exposure, and microtouch controls. This is a great portable solution for users on the go. Depending on the Android device, most users require the OTG adapter cable to connect to a USB Dino-Lite.

More information: https://www.dinolite.us/android



Raspberry Pi

Many users were searching for a solution to use their USB Dino-Lite models with a TV or Monitor with HDMI input. Because of this need, we developed a solution that allows a Raspberry Pi to be used as the connecting device from a USB Dino-Lite to a TV. Our custom image is simply loaded onto any Raspberry Pi device and users will are able to have the live view, crosshair overlay, LED control, FLC, and more without the use of a PC or Mac computer.

More information: https://www.dinolite.us/dinolite-usb-to-hdmi

Raspberry Pi is a trademark of the Raspberry Pi Foundation



Surface Pro / Compute Stick

Technically, these are still PC’s however not in the traditional sense. Microsoft Surface Pro are portable tablet style PC’s with full versions of Windows 10. Compute sticks are mini PC’s in a tiny form factor the size of a USB drive that connect directly to a screen via HDMI. Both of these options allow users to take full advantage of the DinoCapture software and its features.