Current & Previous Model Numbers

Reference page for discontinued and replaced Dino-Lite models and the current model number.


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Resolution Current Model Previous model number Current Series Previous Series
0.3MP AM2111 AM211, AM210 AM2011 Basic Basic
0.3MP AM3111 AM310, AM311, AM3011, AM311S, AM3011S Premier Classic, Plus
0.3MP AM3111T AM311T, AM3011T Premier Classic, Plus
0.3MP AM3113 AM313, AM3013 Premier Plus
0.3MP AM3113T AM313T, AM3013T Premier Plus
0.3MP AD3713TL   Premier  
0.3MP AM3715TB   Premier  
0.3MP AF3113T   Premier  
0.3MP AF3113T(W)   Premier  
0.3MP WF3113T   Premier  
0.3MP WF3113T(W)   Premier  
1.3MP AD4113T AD413T, AD4013T Premier Pro
1.3MP AD4113TL AD413TL, AD4013TL Premier Pro
1.3MP AM4111T AM411T, AM4011T Premier Pro
1.3MP AM4113T AM413T, AM4013T Premier Pro
1.3MP AM4113TL-M40 AM4013TL-M40 Premier Pro
1.3MP AM4113ZT AM413ZT, AM413ZTA, AM4013ZT Premier Pro
1.3MP AM4113ZTS AM413ZTS, AM4013ZTS Premier Pro
1.3MP AM4113ZTL AM413ZTL, AM4013ZTL Premier Pro
1.3MP AF4115ZT AM4115ZT Edge  
1.3MP AF4115ZT(W)   Edge  
1.3MP AF4115ZTL(W)   Edge  
1.3MP AF4115ZTW AM4115ZTW Edge  
1.3MP AF4515ZT AM4515ZT Edge  
1.3MP AF4515ZTL AM4515ZTL Edge  
1.3MP AF4915ZT AM4815ZT Edge  
1.3MP AF4915ZTL AM4815ZTL Edge  
1.3MP WF4115ZT   Edge  
1.3MP WF4115ZT(W)   Edge  
1.3MP WF4915ZT   Edge  
1.3MP WF4915ZTL   Edge  
1.3MP AM4115TF   Edge  
1.3MP AM4115ZTF   Edge  
1.3MP AM4517MZT   Edge Plus  
1.3MP AM4515T5 AM413T5, AM4013MT5 Edge  
1.3MP AM4515T8   Edge  
1.3MP AM4515ZT4 AM4013ZT4, AM4113ZT4 Edge  
1.3MP AM4113FIT AM413FIT Premier Pro
1.3MP AM4115T-JV   Premier  
1.3MP AF4515-FVT AM413FVT, AM4115-FVT Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115-FIT AM413FIT Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115-FJT   Edge  
1.3MP AM4115-FKT   Edge  
1.3MP AF4515T-FVW AM413T-FVW, AM4013T-FVW, AM4113T-FVW, AM4115T-FVW Edge Premier
1.3MP AF4515T-FUW AM4115T-FUW Edge  
1.3MP AF4515TL-FVW AM413TL-FVW, AM4013TL-FVW, AM4113TL-FVW, AM4115TL-FVW Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115T-GFBW AM4113T-GFBW Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115TW-GFBW AM4113TW-GFBW Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115T-YFGW AM4113T-YFGW Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115T-RFYW AM4113T-RFYW Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115T-CFVW AM4113T-CFVW Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115T-GRFBY AM4113T-GRFBY Edge Premier
1.3MP AM4115T-DFRW AM4113T-DFRW Edge Premier
5MP AM7115MZT AM7013MZT, AD7013MZT, AD7013MT Edge Premier
5MP AM7115MZTW   Edge Premier
5MP AM7115MZTL AM7013MZTL, AD7013MZTL, AD7013MTL Edge Premier
5MP AM7115MZTE AM7013MTE Edge Premier
5MP AM7515MZT   Edge Premier
5MP AM7515MZTL   Edge Premier
5MP AM7915MZT AM7815MZT Edge Premier
5MP AM7915MZTL AM7815MZTL Edge Premier
5MP AM7515MT2A   Edge  
5MP AM7515MT4A   Edge  
5MP AM7515MT8A   Edge  
5MP AM73115MZT   Edge USB 3.0  
5MP AM73115MTF   Edge USB 3.0  
5MP AM73915MZT   Edge USB 3.0  
5MP AM73915MZTL   Edge USB 3.0  
  AM4025X AM423, AM4023, AM423X, AM4023X    
  AM7025X AM7023, AM7023X    
  AM4023U AM423U    

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