Dino-Lite AM7915MZT(L) Professional USB Microscope Print

All of the best features in a single award winning design

  • Stunningly clear imaging with updated state of the art sensor
  • 5 megapixels of resolution with less color aberration
  • High quality optical resolution with a glass lens design
  • Built on polarizer reveals clarity of images, reducing or eliminating glare
  • Sleek aluminum alloy encasement for protection in harsh environments
  • Interchangeable cap system for adaptable viewing options
  • Scroll lock for maintaining constant magnification
  • DinoCapture software for Windows included with powerful exclusive software features: EDOF, EDR, AMR, & FLC
  • DinoXcope software for Mac OS includes AMR & FLC
  • Two year warranty and free unlimited U.S. based technical support

Where to buy

Focus Stacking with EDOF

Automatically capture multiple images at different depths and compile the images into one clear image

Measurement with calibration

Calibrate and measure dimensions such as lines, circles, and angles. Draw shapes and text annotations

Automatic Magnification Reading

Displays the current magnification setting, simplifying the measuring process

Flexible Light Control

Control the lighting intensity or select lighting by quadrant to be on or off from the included software

Enhanced Dynamic Range

Automatically capture images at different exposure levels into an image with more dynamic range

Adjustable Polarizer

Built-on adjustable polarizer greatly reduces glare on reflective surfaces

The most powerful handheld microscope

Unrivaled clarity with simple and intuitive use

Easy USB connection with up to 2592 x 1944 resolution with cutting edge features. High quality optics and an adjustable polarizer combined with popular software features not found anywhere else. Handheld use or stationary with plenty of accessories and stands to choose from. Flexible Lighting Control provides the ability to change the LED intensity and quadrant on and off control

Advanced yet easy to use software features

Extended depth of field, Extended Dynamic Range & Automatic Magnification

Increase productivity by using one device for all your imaging and inspection needs. With Extended Depth of Field and Extended Dynamic Range, obtaining clear images will no longer be a challenge


Standard Working Distance

This model has 20x - 220x magnification and uses our standard working distance, for a chart visit the AM7915MZT product page

Microscope & software: $1,269



Longer Working Distance

This model has 10x - 140x magnification and uses our longer working distance, for a chart visit the AM7915MZTL product page

Microscope & software: $1,299