The AM5216TF provides Extra-long Working Distance in the Dino-Lite VGA series. 1x - 70x magnification with a minimum working distance of 115mm at 70x.
The AM5216TF provides Extra-long Working Distance (ELWD) with a magnification range of 1x - 70x and features a High Definition VGA connection and improved optics for sharper images. Capable of 60 frames per second at 720p (1280 x 720), this model is ideal for observing specimens effectively with minimum lag while in motion. With Edge optics quality, the ELWD lens reveals minute details with minimum 108mm working distance at maximum magnification of 70x, making it well-suited for observations requiring ample space between microscope and object. This model is suitable for a wide range of applications including the inspection, repair and assembly involving reflective or translucent materials, with examples such as soldering, quality inspection, or jewelry fabrication. No computer or software required for this model that connects directly to a monitor or TV with VGA connections.
Applications focusing on 50x - 70x magnification, contact us for details about the AM5216ZTF model which has an adjustable polarizer.
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