Backlight stage polarizer designed for use with polarizing model microscopes provides the ability to perform cross-polarization microscopy.
Backlight stage polarizer designed for use with Dino-Lite models with built on polarizers (AM4113ZT, AM4115ZT, AM7115ZT, etc). This easy to use backlight stage with polarizing ability comes with an attachable swing arm target holder for specific placement of objects. The BLZW1 is a sturdy and attractive backlight stage that is powered through a USB cord or AC Adapter. Adjustment of the polarizer is simply performed by sliding the wheel adjustment located on the front of the stage. Researchers may find that the BL-ZW1 could be an economic substitute to the traditional polarizer microscope. The BL-ZW1 backlight stage combined with a polarizing model has the potential to meet many applications covered by polarizing microscopes.
  • Diameter of illumination: 4.5cm
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