Diffuser kit for Edge Series "ZT" & "L" models Proper installation of the diffuser: Place the diffuser into the clear plastic nozzle. Apply slight pressure until diffuser is secure. Please be caution of misaligned Led lights. Proper removal of the diffuser: Grip the clear plastic nozzle of the microscope with one hand and with the other hand gently twists and removes the diffuser.
Diffuser kit for Edge Series "ZT" & "L" models - Insert by gently placing diffuser inside cap. Ensure diffuser is positioned straight to avoid damaging LEDs. - If the diffuser is too loose, place a 1mm or 1.5mm rubber spacer (included) over the recessed area around the edge of the diffuser. - To remove from AM models, hold clear plastic cap down with one hand, while gently twisting and pulling diffuser with the other hand.
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