New wireless-ready adaptable design Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP with FLC, includes a special curved cap (N3C-N) for easy viewing of capillaries at 50x and 200x.

FDA Registered


The Dino-Lite Edge 1.3MP HF4115-N2UT(W) uses a special curved cap for easy viewing of capillaries at 50x and 200x which can aid medical professionals in early diagnosis of various diseases by examining the capillary vessel of fingers. The new modular wireless-ready design allows for USB connection or a quick swap to wireless with a WF-20 adapter (sold separately) making it a completely cordless and portable microscope and includes the popular FLC feature. This nailscope can be used as a handheld microscope or with a stand with a range of 10x - 200x. Included with this Dino-Lite is the curved cap (N3C-N) designed to fit comfortably over a fingernail for capillary viewing as well as a sealed cap (N3C-C) that can protect the inner component and lens of the Dino-Lite and offer options for viewing skin with oil immersion.

HF4115-N2UT(W) included caps:





Curved cap designed for nail and capillary examination Contact cap designed for handheld operation and focusing at approximately 50x and 200x when at contact Sealed cap designed to protect the lens from small amounts of moisture and debris

This model is FDA Registered and does not include the measurement function. This model is also wireless-ready but requires the WF-20 adapter for wireless functionality.
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