Dino-Lite Medical HF4115-RUT is a dual light Iriscope with 20x magnification designed for viewing irides of different colors.

FDA Registered

Designed for viewing among irides with different colors, AF4115-RUT is a dual light source (switchable white and yellow LED) Iriscope with a 20x magnification that provides detailed and clear images of the iris. HF4115-RUT is compatible with Wi-Fi streamer WF-20 for wireless connectivity to mobile devices. Simply place the Iriscope to the eye and take a picture using the included software. This model features a 1.3 megapixel sensor which lets you view and record images with great detail. Switch between white and yellowish LED lighting with the click of a button which helps to capture details within different color irides.
This model is FDA Registered and does not include the measurement function. This model is also wireless-ready but requires the WF-20 adapter for wireless functionality.
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