Dino-Lite Microscope Cameras and Accessories

Dino-Lite microscope cameras and accessories are used by professionals worldwide across many industries, including medical, manufacturing, education, aerospace, defense, jewelry, and many more. Whether you’re in the market for a new digital microscope or need an eyepiece camera or new stand, base, or adapter, we’ve got you covered.

Integrating Dino-Lite microscope cameras into your workspace has never been easier. To ensure a smooth transition, all of our models are compatible with the most commonly used software. If you have any questions regarding our Dino-Lite microscope cameras or need assistance choosing the right accessory, we’re here to help. Browse our selection, or view our support page today!

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Digital Microscopes

Portable all-in-one microscope containing an image sensor, lens, and built-in lighting, designed to connect to a computer or to a display.


Eyepiece Cameras

Microscope eyepiece cameras designed to attach to a stereo or compound microscope connecting that microscope to a computer or display.



Stands, bases, adapters, lighting, and other accessories designed to improve the effectiveness of Dino-Lite microscope products.


Looking for help selecting a handheld USB digital microscope? We have many resources to help you make the best choice. Browse applications to see recommended products for a particular application. View charts & information for details about features and compatibility, or watch videos to learn more about how the products work.

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  1. AM4113TL-M40
    The AM4113TL-M40 Dino-Lite Pro handheld digital microscope features 5x - 40x magnification range with a wider field of view and long working distance Learn More
  2. AM4113ZTS
    The Dino-Lite AM4113ZTS is a 1.3 megapixel handheld digital microscope with adjustable polarization with a shortened nozzle Learn More
  3. AM4113ZTL
    The Dino-Lite AM4113ZTL handheld digital microscope features longer working distance with an adjustable polarizer, and enhanced 1.3MP sensor. Learn More
  4. AD3713TL
    The AD3713TL Dino-Lite reaches up to 60fps under good lighting conditions with a resolution of 640 × 480. Learn More
  5. AM3715TB
    The Dino-Lite Edge AM3715TB digital handheld microscope with a strobomicroscope feature that strobes the lights at a constant 30fps at 640 x 480 resolutions allowing low time latency for lag and practically motion blur free images and recordings. Learn More
  6. AD4113TL
    The AD4113TL is a longer working distance model with a 10x - 90x magnification range and interchangeable nozzle feature that includes both a standard open faced nozzle, as well as a sealed transparent cap nozzle designed to protect the Dino-Lite Learn More
  7. AM4023CT
    The AM4023CT Dino-Eye USB C-Mount camera allows you to attach a digital camera onto an optical device so you can clearly observe in real-time what your device is viewing on a computer or projected for an audience to see. Learn More
  8. AM422XN
    The Dino-Eye AM422XN analog eyepiece camera for microscopes brings microscopy into a sharable and ergonomically pleasing experience. Learn More
  9. AM7023CT
    The AM7023CT Dino-Eye USB 5 MP C-Mount camera allows users to attach a digital camera onto an optical device to clearly observe in real-time what the device is viewing onto a computer or projected for an audience to see. Learn More
  10. MS15X-S2
    Multifunctional XY movement and rotational base providing fine movement with X and Y axis that can be attached to RK-10A stands with the use of C-Clamps or the MS15X-P4 Clamp that are included in the packaging. Learn More
  11. MS35B
    The MS35B is a versatile, lightweight and economical vertical tabletop stand with fine adjustment designed for use with the Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras. Learn More
  12. MSHD-M1
    Alternate metal holster for all Dino-Lite handheld microscope cameras, with a thinner and sleeker design. Learn More
  13. MSFCMA1
    Attachable 90 degree view adapter that is compatible with Dino-Lite "AD" series extended working distance, "L" models. Learn More
  14. MS22B
    Articulating desktop stand with black holster and black base designed for use with the Dino-Lite hand held digital microscope cameras. Learn More
  15. MS23B
    Articulating clamp stand. This clamp allows optimum viewing angles and uses minimal desk space while attached to any desktop or workspace area. Learn More
  16. MS09B
    The MS09B brings you a similar table top type of design concept as the MS35B stand in a smaller more portable setup that uses a flat or horseshoe base. Learn More
  17. MS61V
    Elevated sliding inspection stand with two lockable sliding mounts that provide smooth X and Y adjustment. Learn More
  18. MS15X-S1
    Multifunctional X/Y movement and rotational base designed for use with all sorts applications including inspection providing fine movement with X and Y axis. Learn More
  19. MS17TSW-F1
    Shortcut pedal that is a convenient and efficient pedal for capturing images with the DinoCapture software. Includes 9.5ft (2.9 Meter) Black USB Cable. The foot pedal is compatible with both DinoXcope for Mac computers and DinoCapture 2.0 for PC, making it a single accessory for all users. Learn More
  20. MSAA502
    Conical adapter for direct compatibility with Dino-Lite microscope cameras, useful for eliminating ambient light or providing an enhanced field of view at optimal distances for various applications Learn More
  21. MSAA102
    45 Degree Lens cap adapter for AD413 series Learn More
  22. MSKM-01
    The MSKM-01 allows control of the Dino-Lite microscopes focus knob without touching the device. Learn More
  23. MSAK812
    This attachment accessory is able to clamp to a variety of bases including the MS35B, MS36B, MS35T and RK-10A. Learn More
  24. MS09B-S
    The MS09B-S is a variant on the popular MS09B stand with a smaller base designed to help with handheld use. Learn More
  25. MSAK810A
    Updated articulating 12” Flex Arm provides additional viewing angles including rotation, designed for use with the MS35B / RK-06A (not included). Learn More
  26. MSD10
    Portable Mini 2.5" LCD Digital Video Recorder for use with the Dino-Lite RCA models allows users to bring a Dino-Lite anywhere and inspect objects, record video, and capture images. Learn More
  27. SL-ZW1
    The SL-ZW1 is not your ordinary articulating USB powered light. The SL-ZW1 is a polarized USB powered LED light that can be used with polarized Dino-Lite models. With a simple rotation, you can adjust the amount of polarized illumination required for the right image. Learn More
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