About video codecs

The 5MP (2592 x 1944) resolution Dino-Lite models make use of one of two codecs (coder-decoder) to transmit the live image from the device to a computer, MJPEG or YUY2. The MJPEG codec uses more compression, resulting in a higher frame rate and a lower quality image. The YUY2 uses less compression, resulting in a higher quality image and a lower frame rate. Thus it is recommended to use the MJPEG codec when the specimen or the microscope will be moving, and the YUY2 codec when both the specimen and the microscope are stationary and/or the highest image quality is required.

In many cases the MJPEG codec is already installed on the computer. In some cases it is not already installed. On Windows, DinoCapture will check for the MJPEG codec and alert the user if it is missing. Different versions of the MJPEG codec may also have different performance depending on the exact specifications of the computer in use. For these reasons, the Dino-Lite does not include the MJPEG codec. For those computers that do not already have the codec installed, several freeware and trial versions are available online. Since different versions may perform differently depending on your computers specifications, we might suggest downloading a trial version first to confirm the performance is satisfactory. Several websites offering free or paid versions are listed below.

For the Dino-Lite 5MP Premier Series AM/AD7xxx (e.g., AM7013, AD7013), please use the following codecs:
http://www.free-codecs.com/download/motion_jpeg_codec.htm (free limited version or $25 full version)
http://www.morgan-multimedia.com/technicalsV3.htm (60 day trial version or $20 full version)

For the Dino-Lite 5MP Edge Series AM7xx5 (e.g., AM7115, AM7515, AM7815):

Note: If you are using a 5MP Dino-Lite Edge Series model with Windows 8 or 10, no codec download is required.