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  1. DinoCapture crashes or does not open
    When trying to open DinoCapture, the software opens slowly, crashes with an error message or does not open at all. Learn More
  2. Microscope not recognized or missing
    DinoCapture software opens without error, but device is not recognized or live video does not start Learn More
  3. Device Manager Error: Code 10
    Dino-Lite does not turn on and device mananger reports error code 10. Learn More
  4. Device Manager Error: Code 19 or 39
    Device Manager displays the following error code 19 or 39. Learn More
  5. Device Manager Error: Code 28
    "The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)" Learn More
  6. Error: The procedure entry point WMCreateWriter could not be located in the dynamic link library WMVCore.DLL
    "The procedure entry point WMCreateWriter could not be located in the dynamic link library WMVCore.DLL" Learn More
  7. Camera window is completely black
    DinoCapture opens without any error message, and the device is detected, but the camera window is completely black. Learn More
  8. System Fault (Blue Screen): ks.sys
    "A problem has been deteced and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer [...] ks.sys" Learn More
  9. Error: This Program Might Not Have Installed Correctly
    This is not a normal occurrence however it is very likely the software did install fine. Please open the DinoCapture software to verify this. If you find that the software did not install correctly please contact us for assistance. Learn More
  10. Software opens but live image window missing

    The preview window is movable by the user and will stay where it is placed. In some cases the preview window may disappear from the viewable area of the screen. Several things may cause this to happen:

    1. The user drags the preview window to the edge of the DinoCapture window and then resizes DinoCapture, making the borders of the DinoCapture window small enough that the preview window is outside of them.
    2. In a dual monitor setup the DinoCapture software has been expanded by the user to take up both monitors. The user drags the preview window all the way to the far edge (usually right side, second monitor) of the window. The user then resizes the DinoCapture window back to only take up one monitor, leaving the preview window in the area that would have been on the second monitor.
    3. The user moves the preview window and then changes the display resolution on the monitor, making it small enough that the area containing the preview window is outside of the viewable area on the monitor.

    To resolve this issue:

    A) The easiest way to resolve this issue is to reverse the cause (generally increase the size of the DinoCapture window or increase the monitor resolution)

    B) If the preview window still cannot be found, follow these steps to reset the location:
    1. Close DinoCapture if it is currently open
    2. Click on the Windows Start menu and then "Documents" or "My Documents"
    3. Open the "Digital Microscope" folder and then the "Setting" folder
    4. Open the file "DC20.ini" in a text editor such as Notepad and change the line that says "Save_Preview_Window_Position=on" to "Save_Preview_Window_Position=off"
    5. Save the file and reopen DinoCapture

    Learn More
  11. Using older models with Windows 8 and 10
    Unable to install an older Dino-Lite model (211, 311(S)(H), 313) on a computer with Windows 8, 10, or above. Learn More
  12. Strobe light model: a portion of the screen is dark

    While using a strobe light model (AD3613TB, AD3713TB, AD3715TB) a portion of the live image is dark. To resolve this issue:

    1. Click the settings icon in the live image window (the icon that looks like a wrench)

    2. Adjust the "Strobe length" setting

    Please note: The strobe length setting can only be changed when the camera is set to strobe mode (LED mode #2). If necessary, try several values for strobe length until the issue no longer occurs. This issue generally occurs around the 40x - 60x magnification range due to the reflection of the strobe light.

    Learn More
  13. DinoXcope error: "unidentified developer" / "can't be opened because Apple.."

    Mac OS displays the following error:

    DinoXcope can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

    This error message has to do with increased security in more recent versions of Mac OS. By default, Mac OS is now only allowing software that comes from the Apple store. This can be resolved by creating an exception to that policy for the Dino-Lite software, or by changing that setting univerally to allow software from other sources.

    Learn More
  14. Device Manager Error: Code 43
    Device Manager displays the following error code 43. Learn More
  15. Upgrading to Windows 10
    General troubleshooting information for users upgrading to Windows 10. Learn More
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