Third party software compatibility

Dino-Lite UVC models (USB with 4 digit model number) are compatible with most third-party webcam software that accept cameras / webcams. This a brief list of the reported compatible software with Dino-Lite.

Image Pro: Compatible with additional driver available for direct use
Matlab: Compatible (Matlab Image Acquisition Toolbox software)
LabView: Appears to be compatible (We have also had customers report success using the microscope with LabView using an add-on called CamViewIT. You can find more information about CamViewIT here -

AMCAP: Compatible
Minisee: Compatible

Video Capture
OBS: Compatible

Skype: Compatible
MSN: Compatible
Google chat: Compatible

Edge Jewelry Software: Appears to be compatible (may need to contact Edge support for initial set up)

Post Processing
Picolay: Compatible (Free Image Stacking Software)