macOS High Sierra, Mojave 10.13+ Compatibility

Note: This issue has been resolved by using the latest version of DinoXcope 2.0. Please visit our Downloads page to download the update.

DinoXcope Preview for High Sierra, Mojave and newer

We are currently finalizing a release candidate for High Sierra and Mojave but we are offering some customers the use of beta software before the final version is available. Please see the link below to download the DinoXcope software.

Be advised that this is a limited function release and is known to be missing the following features:

  • Color Adjustment *
  • Freeze Image
  • Timestamp
  • Digital Zoom
  • Microtouch with USB 3.0 *

* - Available for select Dino-Lite models

Known bugs:

  • After using enlarge screen icon, a visual bug may occur where "PRESS ESC TO EXIT" may not go away
  • Pressing ESC while using Video, may cause the software to quit unexpectedly

Because this is not a final release there may be some features unavailable that are not listed, other potential issues, and stability is not guaranteed.

If you have any questions or would like to receive updated information as it becomes available regarding High Sierra and DinoXcope, please contact us

Alternative Options

If you prefer to wait for the full release we have some tips to help you to use your Dino-Lite on your Mac until it is available:

Compatible Dino-Lite models including the Edge Series can be used to capture images and video via Photo Booth

It may be possible to use mac OS Recovery to reinstall back to a previous OS X version. Please see the link below for instructions from Apple to do this:

Before performing a reinstall, create a backup using Time Machine: