USB Digital Microscopes

Starting at $149.00

Optimize your inspections with Dino-Lite USB Digital Microscopes. Connect via USB to Windows or macOS computers and capture high-resolution images and videos with included software. Our professional models offer many special features, including precise measurement capabilities, making them ideal for industrial and scientific applications. Explore our range of USB microscopes and get more done with Dino-Lite.

Starting at $249.00

Experience the speed of Dino-Lite’s professional Video Microscopes, perfect for applications that require high magnification, real-time, low latency video. Connect directly to your monitor or TV with an RCA, VGA, or HDMI microscope. Enjoy fast frame rates without software installation, ideal for seamless live viewing. Features include image freeze and adjustable lighting for enhanced convenience.

Starting a $269.00

Enhance your microscopy experience with Dino-Lite Eyepiece Cameras. Designed for seamless integration with trinocular, binocular and monocular microscopes, our professional USB eyepiece cameras deliver high-resolution images and videos directly to your Windows or macOS computer using your existing microscope optics. Upgrade your setup and achieve exceptional results with Dino-Lite Eyepiece Cameras. 

Starting at $9.00

Discover the perfect accessories for your Dino-Lite products, designed to provide customized solutions for all your microscopy needs. Our extendable products and versatile accessories ensure you achieve the exact specifications required for your applications. From precision stands and lighting options to adapters and calibration tools, Dino-Lite accessories enhance the functionality and performance of your microscope.

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