eFLC, AMR, Polarizer & Long WD

Dino-Lite EdgePLUS raises performance and quality to new heights in terms of color fidelity, frame rate, and low-light performance with Long Working Distance. Combining the latest in EdgePLUS technology with FLC and AMR features make the AM4517MZTL the right choice through a wide range of applications with a magnification range of 10x – 140x. Flexible Lighting Control provides lighting adjustment options including intensity settings from 1-6, as well as the ability to turn on or off LED’s by quadrant.

Improving FLC capabilities, eFLC can adjust the light intensity on two assigned groups of LED quadrants, each with 32-levels light intensity adjustments.  eFLC is available for AM4517MZTL(R10) only.

AMR displays the current magnification on screen with the included software for Windows or Mac OS. AMR is only available on specific Edge Series AMR models. Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR) removes the hassle of stopping your work to check the magnification before performing a measurement. Polarization can be switched on/off or can be adjusted to offer full or half polarization for controlling glare.

MeasurementYesConnection TypeUSB 2.0
Flexible LED ControleFLC (Enhanced FLC)Resolution1280 × 960 pixels
Automatic Magnification ReadingYesFrame Rate (max)30 fps
Expended Depth of FieldNoDimensions10.5cm (L) x 3.2cm (D) (4.13" x 1.29")
Enhanced Dynamic RangeNoWeight130g
Magnification LockYesCable Length182cm
Body MaterialMetalOperating SystemMac OS, Windows
Microtouch SensorYesImaging StandardsUVC
LEDsWhite (8)Warranty Period2 years
Excitation Wavelength (LED)N/AEmission Wavelength (Filter)N/A
PolarizationYesManufactured inTaiwan
Magnification Range10x - 140xRegulatory ApprovalCE, FCC
Working DistanceLongIn the BoxMicroscope, Carry Pouch, Software CD, Edge Calibration Target, Alternate end caps
Working Distance237.611575.456.746.440.136.33432.631.931.731.932.433.2
Field of View39.1 x 2919.5 x 14.713 x 9.89.8 x 7.37.8 x 5.96.5 x 4.95.6 x 4.24.9 x 3.74.3 x 3.33.9 x 2.93.6 x 2.73.3 x 2.43.0 x 2.32.8 x 2.1
Depth of Field24.616.683.211.941.330.980.760.620.510.440.380.330.30.27
Working Distance9.3544.5282.9692.2321.8271.5791.4291.3391.2831.2561.2481.2561.2761.307
Field of View1.539 x 1.1420.768 x 0.5790.512 x 0.3860.386 x 0.2870.307 x 0.2320.256 x 0.1930.220 x 0.1650.193 x 0.1460.169 x 0.1300.154 x 0.1140.142 x 0.1060.130 x 0.0940.118 x 0.0910.110 x 0.083
Depth of Field0.9690.2630.1260.0760.0520.0390.030.0240.020.0170.0150.0130.0120.011

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