Edge Series

TV HDMI with Polarizer & MicroTouch

The Dino-Lite Edge AM5218MZT is designed for connecting directly to HDTV or LCD monitors with HD 720p format with a polarizer.
The official magnification range of this microscope is 20x to 220x, however, this model is capable of focusing at 10x at longer distances.
Some models can even focus below 5x. Please contact us for more information.
The Dino-Lite Edge Series AM5218MZT is designed for connecting directly to HDTV or LCD monitors via DVI or HD interface with HD 720p format with a polarizer, making the AM5218MZT be most suitable for applications such as but not only: quick inspections, assembly lines, presentations, training, and more.
This updated Edge Series model delivers higher image quality with a state-of-the-art lens design, providing matchless image quality with stunning sharpness, least aberration, and least vignetting throughout the whole magnification range which is apparent in the whole Dino-Lite Edge Series.
The polarizer allows you to observe things in high resolution and see things you couldn’t with direct lighting with a full magnification range of 20x – 220x. The AM5218MZT’s MicroTouch provides the convenience to freeze the live video to examine details by pressing and holding the MicroTouch sensor for 1 second. The LEDs can also be switched by holding the same MicroTouch sensor for two seconds or more.
Magnification Range20x - 220xConnection TypeHDMI
Resolution720pBody MaterialMetal
Frame Rate (max)60 fpsDimensions10.5cm (L) x 3.2cm (D) (4.13" x 1.26")
Magnification LockYesWeight135g (4.76oz)
Microtouch SensorYesCable Length
LEDsWhite (8)Warranty Period2 years
PolarizationYesManufactured inTaiwan
Working Distance TypeStandardRegulatory ApprovalCE, FCC
In the BoxMicroscope, AC Adapter, Alternate end caps
Working Distance60.233.520.913.
Field of View19.5 x 11.713 x 7.89.8 x 5.97.8 x 4.76.5 x 3.95.6 x 3.44.9 x 3.04.3 x 2.63.9 x 2.33.6 x 2.13.3 x 2.03.0 x 1.82.8 x 1.72.6 x 1.62.4 x 1.52.3 x 1.42.2 x 1.32.1 x 1.22.0 x 1.21.9 x 1.11.8 x 1.1
Depth of Field2.51.81.510.1
Working Distance2.371.3190.8230.5470.3820.280.2170.1770.1610.1570.1610.1770.1970.220.2480.280.3150.350.390.4290.469
Field of View0.768 x 0.4610.512 x 0.3070.386 x 0.2320.307 x 0.1850.256 x 0.1540.220 x 0.1340.193 x 0.1180.169 x 0.1020.154 x 0.0910.142 x 0.0830.130 x 0.0790.118 x 0.0710.110 x 0.0670.102 x 0.0630.094 x 0.0590.091 x 0.0550.087 x 0.0510.083 x 0.0470.079 x 0.0470.075 x 0.0430.071 x 0.043
Depth of Field0.0980.0710.0590.0390.004

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