Can I use DinoCapture software on macOS?

Parallels is a third-party software utility for Mac OS that allows Windows OS and Windows software to be installed and run “parallel” to Mac OS. Although most Dino-Lite models are directly compatible with Mac OS, a few Dino-Lite models or features are only compatible with Windows. Generally, these models can be used on a Mac OS computer by running Mac OS Bootcamp*, or by using Parallels. When using Parallels, you will have to tell Parallels whether a USB device that you plug in is intended for the Mac OS or the Windows OS.

Using Parallels will allow you to boot to Mac OS as usual, but then run Windows as a program through Mac. When connecting USB devices such as a Dino-Lite you can then specify which OS has control of that device.

Installing Bootcamp on a Mac will add Windows as a second operating system to choose when starting the computer and it includes all of the drivers to allow Windows to use your Macintosh hardware, like the keyboard and trackpad. Commonly, Mac OS is set as the default OS when booting and users must hold down the “alt” key during the boot process to be able to choose Windows.

The primary trade off between these is performance and price versus convenience. Bootcamp is provided free by Apple and will allow slightly better performance since the computer will only be running one operating system. Parallels is more convenient since it does not require a reboot to switch between operating systems, but it must also be purchased from a third party.

To use the Dino-Lite within Parallels, connect the Dino-Lite via USB and Parallels will pop up a dialog box asking you to select Windows or Mac OS. On that dialog box, select Windows. Or if the Dino-Lite is already connected and associated with Mac OS, select the Parallels menu from the top of the screen (two red bars), then select “Devices”, then “External Devices”, then select the Dino-Lite to re-associate it with Windows.

*Bootcamp compatible with Intel based Apple computers only.

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