Can I use multiple Dino-Lite devices on a single computer?


Some users may need to connect and run multiple Dino-Lite microscopes at the same time, this document shows the requirements and procedure to connect up to eight [USB] Dino-Lites to a Windows desktop.

Note: AF/WF Wireless models can only connect individually when in wireless mode.

Applicable Dino-Lite Models

All USB Dino-Lite Basic, Premiere, Edge, EdgePlus, and Edge 3.0 series available now.

System Requirements

The following system requirements are provided as a reference:

OS: Windows 10 operating system.
CPU: Intel® Core™ 8th Gen i5/i7 or 9th Gen i5/i7.
RAM: 8G DDR4 or more.
Storage: 256G SSD or more.
Display card: GTX10 series/RX500 series or later.
Power: 650W or more.
USB: Enough USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports for connecting all Dino-Lites.

DinoCapture Version

DinoCapture 2.0 version 1.5.39.C or later.

Special Considerations

  • The use of external hubs and extension cables is not recommended when using multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • When connecting multiple Dino-Lites it is recommended that users disable the MicroTouch feature in their DinoCapture 2.0 settings.
    • MicroTouch can be disabled by clicking on the Settings Menu (Hammer Icon) > MicroTouch > Disable MicroTouch
  • Due to power and data requirements of USB ports it is recommended you separate and plug each Dino-Lite it’s own dedicated set of USB ports.
    • set of USB ports is a group of USB ports located close together generally having a matching color coding.
    • 1 set of USB 3.0 ports can support 1 USB 3.0 Dino-Lite or 2 USB 2.0 microscopes.
    • 1 set of USB 2.0 ports can support 1 USB 2.0 Dino-Lite.
  • It may be necessary to lower the resolution of USB 2.0 5MP models to achieve a consistent framerate with all cameras connected, we recommend lowering the resolution to 1600 * 1200.
  • If using a Dino-Lite that offers MJPG and YUY2 resolutions it is recommended that you use the MJPG setting.
  • If you are still experiencing issues with FPS or Stability it may be necessary to reset DinoCapture 2.0 to it’s default configuration and reapply these settings.
    • You can reset DinoCapture 2.0 using the directions found HERE.

Procedure for connecting multiple Dino-Lites

  1. Disconnect all Dino-Lite’s from the PC.
  2. Open DinoCapture 2.0
  3. Connect each Dino-Lite to the PC one at a time.
  4. Wait for all video preview windows to load.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all Dino-Lite’s are connected.
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