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DinoCapture software opens but camera window is missing

The preview window is movable by the user and will stay where it is placed. In some cases the preview window may disappear from the viewable area of the screen. Several things may cause this to happen:

  1. The user drags the preview window to the edge of the DinoCapture window and then resizes DinoCapture, making the borders of the DinoCapture window small enough that the preview window is outside of them.
  2. In a dual monitor setup the DinoCapture software has been expanded by the user to take up both monitors. The user drags the preview window all the way to the far edge (usually right side, second monitor) of the window. The user then resizes the DinoCapture window back to only take up one monitor, leaving the preview window in the area that would have been on the second monitor.
  3. The user moves the preview window and then changes the display resolution on the monitor, making it small enough that the area containing the preview window is outside of the viewable area on the monitor.

To resolve this issue:

A) The easiest way to resolve this issue is to reverse the cause (generally increase the size of the DinoCapture window or increase the monitor resolution)

B) If the preview window still cannot be found, follow these steps to reset the location:
1. Close DinoCapture if it is currently open
2. Click on the Windows Start menu and then “Documents” or “My Documents”
3. Open the “Digital Microscope” folder and then the “Setting” folder
4. Open the file “DC20.ini” in a text editor such as Notepad and change the line that says “Save_Preview_Window_Position=on” to “Save_Preview_Window_Position=off”
5. Save the file and reopen DinoCapture

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