DinoCapture software screen is missing

This support article is for Windows, there is a similar issue for macOS found here.


After recent Windows 10 update, Dino-Lite devices are no longer recognized by DinoCapture


The Windows 10 April 2018 update (Build 1803) introduced a Microphone and Webcam privacy settings option that blocks unauthorized applications from turning on your devices without your permission.

Dino-Lite cameras and DinoCapture software were affected by this change, to resolve issues where DinoCapture can no longer see your Dino-Lite microscope please follow the directions below:

1. Click on the Start menu or press the (Windows key)
2. Type Camera Privacy Settings

Click to open the Camera privacy settings menu
3. Find the description Camera access for this device is

if the description says Off, select Change

Change the toggle to On
4. Under the setting Allow apps to access your camera

Change the toggle to On
5. Close the Settings menu and open the DinoCapture software.
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