Edge Series Interchangeable Caps

Standard Open Cap (9.5mm)
For use when microscope is mounted in a stand to protect internal components.
Contact Cap (12.5mm)
For handheld operation. Standard Working Distance models will focus at approximately 50x and 200x when edge of cap touches viewing subject.

Approximate focus when used with high magnification models:
MT4: ~450x
MT8: ~730x
Sealed Cap (9.5mm)
To protect the lens from small amounts of moisture and debris.
Extended Cap (30mm)
For handheld operation. Microscope will focus at approximately 30x (except ZTL) when edge of cap touches surface.
N3C-D /
Thin & Opal Diffuser Cap (14mm)
To reduce small amounts of glare and improve lighting conditions, particularly with reflective subjects.
Oblique Illumination Cap (14mm)
To partially block built-in LED lights to produce side angle illumination.

Included Caps

ModelsTypeCS-41 N3C-O N3C-E N3C-C N3C-LN3C-D & N3C-D2N3C-S
AM/AF 4115, 4515, 4517, 4915, 4917, 7115, 7515, 7915, 73115, 73915Standard Models ZT, ZTL, MZT, MZTL, ZTW
AM/AF 4115, 5216, 5218, 73115Extra Long WD TF, ZTF, MTFXXXXXX
AM/AF 4115, 4515, 4517Ultraviolet FVW, FUW✓ (N3C-LB)
AM/AF 4115Infrared FJT, FIT, FKTXXX
AM/AF 4515, 7515, 73515High Mag T4A, T5, T8, T8A, ZT4XXX
AM/AF 4115, 4515, 4117, 4517Fluorescent CFVW, GFBW, GRFBY, YFGW, RFYW, DFRW, FVTXXXXXX
AM 5212, 5216Analog (TV) Models, NZT, MNZTX
*CS-40/CS-41 Calibration target not included with non-USB models


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