What is the framerate of a Dino-Lite or Dino-Eye device?

About frame rate

The frame rate at which the Dino-Lite displays a live video depends upon a number of factors including the Dino-Lite model, resolution setting, exposure setting, current lighting, and others. USB 3.0 Dino-Lite models have the best overall result in image quality and frame rate offering up to 45fps at 1280 × 960 resolutions. In general, standard models have maximum frame rate of 30 fps at low resolution (640 × 480) and can expect between about 10 – 15 fps at 1280 × 1024 resolution. High frame rate models (e.g., 3713/3715) series have a maximum frame rate of 60 fps at 640 × 480.

Increasing effective frame rate

If the frame rate is lower than expected, try the following to increase the frame rate:

  • Make sure the computer meets the Dino-Lite system requirements (especially using USB 2.0 and not USB 1.1)
  • Lower the resolution
  • Lower the exposure
  • Disable auto-exposure
  • Add more lighting by using an external lighting source

Display FPS Counter

Pressing Ctrl + Alt + F will display the FPS in the DinoCapture live view window.

High Speed (HS) mode setting

Some Dino-Lite models have an “HS mode” resolution setting to prioritize high frame rate. This setting can be found in the resolution drop down menu on the top of the live image window. Select this setting when high frame rate is most important.

Limiting maximum frame rate

In some cases it may be necessary to limit the maximum frame rate. For example, when using multiple Dino-Lite microscopes simultaneously on the same computer. To do this, close the DinoCapture software and use Notepad to open the DC20.ini file located in the following folder: 

C:\Users\(USER NAME)\Documents\Digital Microscope\Setting

Under the section labeled [FRAME RATE], find the line similar to Frame_Rate_Max_4013=30 that corresponds with the Dino-Lite model you are using, and change the value 30 to a lower number, then save that file and reopen DinoCapture 2.0.

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