Why does my magnification / measurement sometimes fluctuate?

Magnification and measurements changing is a result of the AMR feature constantly reporting your current magnification. There are may be slight fluctuations over time, but generally this value will remain the same.

We recommend that you capture your photos first and perform measurements on the resulting images, magnification from AMR and Calibration is saved in its current state at the time of capture, allowing you to perform measurements without any possibility of fluctuation.

If you wish to perform measurements against a live image, disabling AMR in your DinoCapture configuration settings or utilizing the physical scroll lock of your microscope may help.

How to disable AMR:

Disable AMR by editing the DC20.ini located in your Digital Microscope in your Documents folder.

  • Close any open instances of DinoCapture 2.0
  • Navigate to “C:\Users\[your user name]\Documents\Digital Microscope\Setting”
  • Open DC20.ini
  • Change the “AMR_Disable=on” value to “AMR_Disable=off” save and close.
  • Relaunch DinoCapture 2.0
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