Why is my Dino-Lite missing or not recognized in Windows Device Manager?


The DinoCapture software opens without showing any error message, but the device is not recognized or the live video does not start.

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To start a live video feed; please plug in the Dino-Lite or Dino-Eye via USB, or click [1] icon on the Preview Window Management Bar located on top of DinoCapture 2.0 software.


This problem may have several causes. To resolve the problem try each solution below that is relevant to your situation.

Recent Windows 10 Update blocks cameras Most commonPlease see this support article for more information.
(A) Windows 10 Updates
Windows updates may prevent your Dino-Lite from appearing in DinoCapture
Download and reinstall the latest version of DinoCapture 2.0: https://www.dinolite.us/download
(B) Drivers Most common
Are the necessary device drivers installed?

Dino-Lite models with 4-digit model numbers such as 3113, 4113, 4115, 7915, do not require a driver to be installed.
Older models with 3-digit numbers such as 311, 313, 411, 413 require a separate driver install.
See: How to find my model number
If you have one of these older models and are having this problem, download the driver that corresponds to your microscope from our downloads page here: https://www.dinolite.us/download. After installing the driver, disconnect and reconnect the device.
(C) USB Connection
Is the Dino-Lite connected to USB?
Connect the Dino-Lite via USB. If already connected, try a different USB port.
(D) USB Peripherals
Is the Dino-Lite connected using a USB hub or extension cable?
Some USB hubs and extension cables are too slow to support the Dino-Lite. Make sure the hub or extension cable is USB 2.0 or above, or connect directly to the PC.
(E) Software version
Is the latest DinoCapture software installed?
Check the currently installed version, click the help icon help, then select About DinoCapture 2.0.
dnc version
Verify the latest version here: https://www.dinolite.us/download. If your installed version of DinoCapture 2.0 is older, download and install the latest version.
(F) Old model with Windows 8, 8.1, or 10
Are you using an older Dino-Lite with model number 211, 311, 313, 411, or 413 and a computer with Windows 8 or above?
Windows 8 and 10 introduces increased driver security which impacts compatibility with some older models. Click here for steps to resolve this issue.
(G) 7013 model
Are you using a Dino-Lite with model number 7013?
If you are using a Dino-Lite with model number including 7013 and it is not being recognized, please contact us for support.
(H) Black camera window
Does the camera window appear all black?
Click here for steps to resolve this issue

Still having this problem?

If the problem continues, check the Windows device manager for more information

  1. Right-click on ComputerMy Computer, or This PC on your desktop or start menu, then select Manage
  2. In the computer management window, select Device Manager.
  3. In the Device Manager window, open the Imaging Devices category, or, if that category is not visible, open the Other Devices category.
  4. Under the selected category, right-click on the Dino-Lite and select Properties. Note that in some cases the Dino-Lite may be listed here as USB 20 CAMERA.
  5. In the Device Properties window, select the General tab and find the Status box
  6. Refer to the information in the status box to determine the cause of the problem. If you cannot resolve the problem, please provide the entire contents of the device status box when contacting us.
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