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Dino-Lite Digital Microsocopes ?

¡Profesional pero asequible!

  • Desarrollado para profesionales pero económico para consumidores o uso casual.
  • Producto galardonado con patente de diseño de EE. UU.
  • #1 Selling Handheld Microscope in the World
  • Si la amplia selección de productos no satisface sus necesidades, hay opciones personalizadas disponibles
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Características Especiales

  • Exclusive features such as Enhanced Depth of Field (EDOF)*† and Extended Dynamic Range (EDR)*†
  • One-Touch Auto Focus available with EDOF models*†
  • Wide range of Iluminación Especial models✓
  • Ampliación automática
  • Reading (AMR)† for easier and more accurate measurements
  • Axial lighting models providing darkfield and brightfield viewing abilities✓
  • Interchangeable front caps, provide solutions for handheld viewing distances and lighting control for imaging clarity✓
  • Larga y modelo de distancia de trabajo lejana models that provide additional focal distance to meet application needs


  • Unique design with single glass lens y variable optical magnification
  • Built-in Polarización for reducing or eliminating glare✓
  • Innovative Control LED Flexible (FLC) with adjustable intensity and sectional lighting†
  • New modular design available with option for wireless microscopy via WF-20 adapter to iOS and Android, smartphones, tablets, and WiFi computers
  • DinoDirect connection to Android smartphones and tablets; WF-10 WiFi wireless connection to Apple iPhone and iPad
  • Dino-Lite series microscopes are the original patent design for handheld microscopes, beware of possible design copies
  • Huge selection of accessories designed to meet needs of users in many applications
  • Bloqueo de Desplazamiento to maintain calibrated installations✓
  • MicroTouch capacitive touch sensor technology for easy handheld use✓


  • Actively maintained, user friendly, advanced DinoCapture 2.0* software included with free updates and frequently added new features with release notes and online user guide.
  • Highly accurate measurement tools and calibration features✓
  • Snap-to-Edge✓ capability to automatically detect edges when performing measurements
  • Customizable shortcut keys* to help improve workflow
  • Edge detection control✓, grid lines✓, reticle✓, custom overlay, transparency, and many more useful features
  • Software can be installed on multiple computers at no additional cost
  • Windows y Mac software
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) available for free with signed license agreement providing users the ability to customize or integrate the Dino-Lite into a system
  • Customized automated image analysis through compatibility with OpenCV and Image-Pro Premier


  • 2 Year warranty on Dino-Lite microscopes and Dino-Eye eyepiece cameras
  • 1 Year warranty on all Accessories designed for Dino-Lite
  • Free US based technical support providing help with software and hardware questions over the phone, via email, or even remote assistance
  • Complimentary 30 minute online training session for Dino-Lite and DinoCapture
  • 70+ models to choose from and tailored to meet your application needs
  • Amplia selección de accesorios específicos de la industria
  • 99% of all items are in stock and readily available to ship same business day

✓ Available on certain models only. Please check individual product pages to confirm compatibility.
* Disponible solo en Windows.
† Available with specific Edge Series models only.

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