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Dunwell Tech., Inc. dba Dino-Lite Microscope (dinolite.us) is the official distributor of Dino-Lite Digital Microscopes and related products for North, Central, and South America (excluding Brazil). Our focus is on providing the latest in high quality digital microscope equipment and unparalleled customer support.


Dino-Lite US was established in 2005

Dino-Lite is a trademark and product of AnMo Electronics, a worldwide leader in high quality USB digital microscope cameras and microscope eyepiece cameras. Over the years, the Dino-Lite series digital handheld microscope and Dino-Eye series microscope eyepiece have evolved and expanded to better serve our customers, providing a wide range of digital microscopy solutions for all applications including: industrial, technology, quality control, science, research, health care, forensics, education, hobbyists, and more.


We are committed to customer satisfaction

Our US based staff are experienced and trained members who aim to provide the highest level of customer support and satisfaction.

We provide free assistance from selecting the right solution for customer applications, to directly selling and shipping products, to supporting those products with compassionate and knowledgeable technical support staff, for the lifetime of the Dino-Lite product.

We offer free online meetings for consultations, free training sessions, support via remote assistance, phone, email, and live chat support. 

Dino-Lite is trusted by top companies and institutions around the world

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