One of the advantages of Dino-Lite microscopes is the many hardware configurations available to our users.
Connection Types | Housing | Scroll-lock, MicroTouch & lens | Integrated Lighting | Polarizer | Nozzle, Caps & Diffusers
Dino-Lite offers a large assortment of models so users are able to find a microscope that fits their needs

Connection Types

Dino-Lite microscopes are available with the following connection types:


USB and Wi-Fi models connect with our Dino-Lite software2, enabling users to capture images, videos, measurements and more.

HDMI, VGA, and RCA models connect directly to monitors and displays. With no software component required, they’re ideal for visual inspection and tool workstation applications.

1: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0
2: Software features may be limited to certain models based on hardware configuration. 


Dino-Lite microscopes can be used with a stand or handheld. The body is designed to be ergonomic and functional with all Dino-Lite stands and holsters. There are two housing types available:
ABS and Anodized Alloy
For most applications ABS is the preferred housing type. It provides a solid feel and stands up to normal daily use. Anodized alloy is ideal for its increased durability, providing extra protection for rugged and hazardous environments, ultraviolet light, and electrostatic discharge.

Scroll Lock

ScrollLock CloseUp 2 removebg preview 1
A sliding switch that locks the microscope’s magnification dial, useful feature for securing calibrations and preventing accidental manipulation of the dial.


microtouch close removebg preview
Models with MicroTouch offer a programmable capacitive touch button. MicroTouch can be used to capture images, toggle LEDs, refocus the microscope and more.


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Optimized to fit the needs of every microscope and camera, Dino-Lite engineers high-quality glass lenses capable of variable magnification and multiple working distances.


All Dino-Lite microscopes come with integrated lighting; most models have White LEDs as a default option but configurations with single or a combination of LEDs are available as well.

Available lighting types:

  • White
  • Ultraviolet
  • Near-infrared
  • Fluorescent
  • Brightfield / Darkfield


Models with a built-in polarizer are designed to reduce glare, view subsurface layers, and improve image contrast. When used with a polarized backlight, users are able to detect mechanical stress in transparent objects, as well as identify optically anisotropic materials.


Caps 05 removebg preview

Dino-Lite’s microscopes have either a fixed or interchangeable nozzle design. Nozzles may support caps or diffusers to help adapt a Dino-Lite to different applications. 


Caps 04 removebg preview

Microscopes with interchangeable nozzles can use caps to introduce new features, adding to working distance, altering light, and even offering additional protection.


Diffuser 05 removebg preview
Available for both fixed and interchangeable nozzle designs; Diffusers can be placed in front of or inside a nozzle to soften the light of a Dino-Lite’s integrated LEDs.
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