FLC – Flexible LED Control

FLC provides more precise control over lighting 

Flexible LED Control (FLC) is a feature designed to reproduce and extend the features of a ring light source on traditional microscopes. The LEDs of Dino-Lite models with FLC are divided in 4 different quadrants, and each quadrant can be addressed separately as well as adjustment for multiple levels of brightness.

The FLC function is useful when objects need to be illuminated from the side or when certain parts of the object need more or less light. FLC is available on most Edge, EdgePLUS, and Edge 3.0 Series models with the included software. 

Enhanced FLC (eFLC)

Some advanced models feature eFLC, accessible in DinoCapture 2.0 v1.5.40 or newer. This provides users with more control over the lighting. Quadrants can now be assigned to two separate groups. Each group has independent control of the LED intensity with levels of brightness ranging from 0 to 31.

Note: eFLC is available in AM4917 and AM73915 models with version (R10) or (R10A) and newer

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FLC Gallery

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  • EdgePLUS


    eFLC, AMR, EDOF, DPQ & Polarizer
  • Edge Series


    Wireless Ready with FLC & Polarizer
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