DPQ – Depth Acquisition

Use focus-shift lens to gather depth information

Dino-Lite’s EDOF feature is made possible by a special lens, capable of shifting the focus forward or backward on command. For years, this feature has helped users generate high quality focus stacked images quickly, and easily.

More recently, the focus shifting capabilities have been more refined, and quantified. This has enabled us to expand the capabilities of newer EDOF-capable models with a depth acquisition tool which we refer to as DPQ.

To take advantage of this feature, simply start with the Dino-Lite in focus on one feature, then use Refocus Mode to shift the focus to a different feature on your specimen.

 A readout of the distance between the two focal planes gives you helpful information about the depth between the two distances. With this information on screen, simply snap a photo and the value will be imprinted on the collected image.

You can find more detailed instructions, compatible models, charts showing the range limitations and accuracy tolerance here:

*DPQ is only available with compatible DPQ Dino-Lite models and DinoCapture 3.0 or 2.0 for Windows

DPQ models
  • Edge 3.0


    5MP, USB 3 with eFLC, AMR, EDOF, DPQ & Polarizer
  • Edge Series


    Wireless Ready 5MP with Long WD, FLC, AMR, EDOF, DPQ & Polarizer
  • Edge Series


    Wireless Ready 5MP with FLC, AMR, EDOF, DPQ & Polarizer
  • EdgePLUS


    eFLC, AMR, EDOF, DPQ & Polarizer
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