Accessories are a simple and effective way to extend a Dino-Lite’s function and use-cases.

Dino-Lite users can select between various stands, holsters, stages, and other accessories to tailor a solution to fit their needs.

Stands | Holsters, Stages & Lighting | Nozzles, Mobile Adapters & Protection


Recommended to get the most out of your Dino-Lite’s potential, Stands are used to stabilize the microscope at the different working distances to achieve a Dino-Lite’s focus and magnification. There are many different types of stands to choose from, each with a combination of features to fit different applications and environments.

Features to consider when selecting a Dino-Lite stand: 
  • Height
  • Reach
  • Stability
  • Portability
  • Extensibility
  • Control
  • Mounting
See below for more useful accessories that can help extend your microscope and stand capabilities.


Used to secure a Dino-Lite microscope to a stand, holsters help stabilize the microscope when working at a distance. 


Providing a specialized mounting mechanism or platform, Stages add more functionality to Dino-Lite Stands and Lighting accessories.


Dino-Lite lighting accessories offer direct, indirect, or specialized lighting that can improve imaging results for various applications.  

Nozzle & Caps

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Nozzles and caps are the quickest way to extend the functionality of your microscope. Caps can snap on to compatible nozzles to alter lighting, working distance, or optics.

Mobile Adapters

Dino-Lite has mobile adapters for select models that allow you to connect to iOS and Android devices with our DinoConnect app. Mobile adapters can also be used with our DinoCapture 2.0 software for Windows.


Dino-Lite can also be used in hazardous environments using specially designed enclosures. Protect against debris, corrosive elements, and unsafe travel conditions using a protective case.
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