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Dino-Lite microscope cameras and accessories are used by professionals worldwide across many industries, including medical, manufacturing, education, aerospace, defense, jewelry, and many more. Integrating Dino-Lite microscope cameras into your workspace has never been easier. To ensure a smooth transition, all of our models are compatible with the most commonly used software.
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Free Professional Software Included

DinoCapture for Windows

Dino-Lite USB microscope cameras include DinoCapture 2.0, the powerful yet easy to use microscope imaging software for Windows.

DinoCapture is a professional microscope imaging software that was made for users of all levels, including basic features from image viewing and capture, measurement with calibration, to advanced features such as geotags and edge detection.

DinoXcope for macOS

Dino-Lite USB microscope cameras include DinoXcope, the easy to use software for Mac.

DinoXcope was made for users of all levels, including features such as image viewing and capture, and measurement with calibration


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry – we are here to explain everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Dino-Lite is a compact, portable and versatile microscope solution.

Our powerful scopes can do everything a traditional optical microscope can do and more. Dino-Lite’s unique combination of hardware and software features make it a great primary or supplemental microscope.

Dino-Lite is a trusted Digital Microscope brand that has been around for more than a decade. Our products provide exceptional value at a fraction of the cost of a traditional microscope.

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The simplest way to get a product recommendation is to call us and speak to a Dino-Lite expert. 

There are many features and traits that a Dino-Lite has combined with the needs and wants for your application and use that should be considered before selecting a Dino-Lite model. 

Here are a few useful links to help you get started:

Visit our New Dino-Lite User – Quick Start page for instructions

We recommend downloading the latest software version from our Downloads page. 

We have videos and online guides available. If you have additional questions or want to request a training session, contact us for more.

We offer free tech support and a free training session for all Dino-Lite microscopes. Contact us today to speak to a technician. During business hours, we have a live chat available on our website.

Toll free: 888-668-2442
Local: 310-618-9990
International: +1 310 618 9990


All Dino-Lite software and updates are included with the purchase of a Dino-Lite. 

The latest version can always be found on our Downloads page.

If you have additional questions or need help with the installation or use of the DinoCapture or DinoXcope software here are some resources:

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