Dino-Lite Software

Dino-Lite develops free software
for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices.

Live View

Conveniently view real-time video on your device's screen


Capture photos and video easily, export and share with ease

Annotate & Measure

Apply text and illustrations. Measure lines, circles, angles & more

Premium Support

Enjoy free software, free updates and free technical support

Windows and macOS

Developed for Dino-Lite microscopes and cameras, DinoCapture 2.0 and DinoXcope are powerful and easy to use imaging applications for Windows and macOS.

DinoCapture 2.0

Compatible with Wi-Fi/USB Dino-Lite microscopes and USB Dino-Eye cameras


Compatible with USB Dino-Lite microscopes and USB Dino-Eye cameras

iOS and Android


DinoConnect and DinoConnect 2 are mobile apps for wireless ready Dino-Lite microscopes. Capture images, video recordings, annotations, and basic measurement with microscopes using our WF-10 and WF-20 Wi-Fi streamers.


DinoDirect is an Android app that enables compatible Dino-Lite devices to plug directly into an Android’s USB charging port. DinoDirect allows users to capture images, video, annotations and perform basic measurements. 

Software Development Kit

An SDK is available for free to Dino-Lite customers in North and South America. Development files, sample code, and documentation are included with the installation package.

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