Variable Optical Magnification

All stated magnification ranges are achieved via optics, not digital magnification, leading to clear and crisp imaging. Adjust the magnification dial on the microscope and the distance to the subject to focus.

Magnification ranges start at  20x – 200x with models that reach up to 900x

Simple to use and powerful in result, Dino-Lite microscope cameras provide great capabilities while remaining economical.

Finding the right magnification is more 

than just choosing the highest available magnification. The viewable area (FOV: Field of View), is related to your magnification. 

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If you need help finding the right model, you can refer to some of the images in our Field of View gallery or request free assistance from one of our technicians.

Application of Magnification

Comparing low vs high magnification viewing area

Lower magnifications have a larger Field of View and greater Depth of Field

Circuit board under parallel (left) and cross polarization (right) clearly shows a reduction of glare when cross-polarized.
Identifying and characterizing optically anisotropic material when using a BL-ZW1 backlight polarizer and a Dino-Lite polarizing digital microscope.
Dino-Lite polarizing microscopes for studying optically anisotropic materials are commonly used in many applications in medicine, geology, forensic science, manufacturing, and material science such as crystals, many plastics, and biological tissues.
Inspection of a thin section of Gedrite under parallel (left) and cross polarization (right) with BL-ZW1 backlight polarizer and Dino-Lite polarizing microscope.
Viewing upper and lower layers of the skin
This is possible since the upper layer of the skin reflects light preserving its polarization while lower layers scatter and randomize the polarization. As a result, parallel polarization emphasizes the upper layers of the skin, and cross polarization emphasizes the subsurface skin layers.
Parallel polarization image (left) emphasizes the upper layer of the skin while the cross polarization image (right) emphasizes the lower layers.

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