DinoCapture 2.0: Imaging Software for Windows

Dino-Lite USB microscope cameras include DinoCapture 2.0, the powerful yet easy to use microscope imaging software for Windows.

DinoCapture is a professional microscope imaging software that was made for users of all levels, including basic features from image viewing and capture, measurement with calibration, to advanced features such as geotags and edge detection.

*Some features available only with compatible microscopes

Live View

Conveniently view real-time video on your device's screen


Capture photos and video easily, export and share with ease

Annotate & Measure

Apply text and illustrations. Measure lines, circles, angles & more

Premium Support

Enjoy free software, free updates and free technical support

Primary Features

  • Display live view in normal-sized, large or full screen windows
  • Capture photos, videos and organize files into folders
  • Add searchable annotations to images for documenting and cataloging
  • Control microscope LEDs, exposure, white balance, and color levels easily
  • Create time-lapse video or image captures
  • View monochrome and negative color output
  • Create custom shortcut keys to improve workflow
  • Export images in your choice of multiple file formats
  • Provide access to remote colleagues with IP Dino
  • Over 28 different selectable languages available
  • Draw lines or text directly on images for simple labels or notes

Advanced Features

  • Easily measure lines, circles, arcs, and angles with great accuracy
  • Calibration measurements easily with the option to create multiple profiles
  • Access scaling overlays of grids, concentric circles, cross-hairs and more
  • Select between live view resolutions based on microscope model
  • Simplify measurement with Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR)
  • Create Extended Depth of Field or Extended Dynamic Range images
  • Create custom overlays or transparencies for detailed comparisons
  • Quickly measure objects with the Edge Detection feature
  • Tag geographical location with support for GPS devices
  • Automate barcode reading
  • Area color average measurements
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