Dino-Lite Edge series

Dino-Lite Edge series introduces new features including high quality optics with a flat focal plane, interchangeable cap design, flexible light control (FLC), and optional advanced features like automatic magnification reading, extended depth of field (EDOF), and more…

Dino-Eye Cameras

View and capture digital images. Designed to provide superior quality and true-color representation. All our microscope eyepiece cameras connect to and convert your traditional optical microscope into a refined digital microscope. and more…
For Professionals | Starting at $99.00

Simple connection directly via USB to a Windows or macOS computer for use with the included software. Easily capture shareable images and video. Perform inspection tasks including measurement with compatible models. Explore a vast array of models and features available. 

For Professionals | Starting at $249.00

For live viewing and our fastest framerates. Connect directly to a TV or monitor for simple viewing. Compatible models can freeze the image on the screen and toggle lighting on/off. 

For Professionals | Starting a $269.00

Convert an existing traditional microscope to digital with a Dino-Eye eyepiece camera, allowing users with USB models to capture images and video, perform measurements and more. 

For Professionals | Starting at $9.00

Just like any type of photography or inspection work, there are multiple tools to help to get the job done. Explore the wide range of accessories for Dino-Lite microscopes.

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