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BigC is proud to introduce a few new Dino-Lite mobile solutions. Using these mobile solutions allows users to take the power of the Dino-Lite digital microscope camera on the go, to work in remote areas for a wide range of diverse applications such as; industrial, medical, crime scene and forensics, education, research, mineralogy, archaeology, geology, and more. Anything that could benefit from Dino-Lite can now be used with true portability.


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  • Added capability to simultaneously start/stop recording a video by holding the Ctrl key when pressing the Video Recorder button
  • Improved EDOF stacking result of Dino-Lite Edge AM4815 series.
  • Improved auto-exposure conditions with the Dino-Lite Edge AM4115, AM4515, and AM4815 series.
  • Modified magnifier crosshair.


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