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  • Fixed the bug that occurs when exporting to excel format in high resolution.
  • Fixed the issue with saving EDOF images.
  • Fixed the bug with Three Point Circle and Three Point Arc drawing tools when maximizing the preview window in High Quality mode.
  • Changed the color of the base line from a contrast color to the same color as measurement lines, as illustrated below. This change applies to multiple measurement tools including Point to Line, Three Point Arc, and Three Point Angle.

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  • New Edge Series Dino-Lite with Longer Working Distance: AM4515ZTL & AM4815ZTL.  
  • The AM4515ZTL features Automatic Magnification Reading. 
  • The AM4815ZTL features Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) and Extended Dynamic Range (EDR). 
  • Both of these models are otherwise similar in features including 5x - 140x magnification, longer working distance, the improved Edge Sensor for clear imaging as well as the built-on polarizer. Both also deliver higher image quality with a state-of-the-art lens design, providing matchless image quality with stunning sharpness, least aberration, and least vignetting throughout the whole magnification range. The longer working distance allows users to have more distance between the microscope and the object in view.


AM4515ZTL & AM4815ZTL Video | Product Page AM4515ZTL | Product Page AM4815ZTL

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