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Microscopes are used in countless applications and within any of these uses are surfaces that pose a challenge for clear inspection and imaging. Often times a reflective surface is hard to view completely and accurately however by using a polarizer these surfaces are easily revealed for clear and effective viewing.

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Article: Dino-Lite Polarization detailed information

Full article detailing the Polarization feature

Many Dino-Lite microscope cameras include a built-on adjustable polarizer that allows users to simply rotate the polarizer for adjustment in viewing effectiveness

How to Use the Dino-Lite Polarizer – YouTube

Reflective surfaces are not the only way that polarization can help. A simple cross polarization microscope is attainable by using a polarized Dino-Lite microscope and the BL-ZW1 Polarizing Backlight stage.

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Polarized light also has a dramatic effect on the viewing of skin, revealing more details beneath the surface than otherwise unseen under normal lighting conditions

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For a full gallery of the effects of a polarizer and more information visit our Polarization Feature Page 

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