Dino-Lite Medical Edge

Wireless Ready Iriscope

This model is FDA Registered and does not include the measurement function. This model is also wireless-ready but requires the WF-20 adapter for wireless functionality.

Designed for viewing among irides with different colors, HF4115-RUT is a dual light source (switchable white and yellow LED) Iriscope with a 20x magnification that provides detailed and clear images of the iris. HF4115-RUT is compatible with Wi-Fi streamer WF-20 for wireless connectivity to mobile devices.

Simply place the Iriscope to the eye and take a picture using the included software. This model features a 1.3 megapixel sensor which lets you view and record images with great detail. Switch between white and yellowish LED lighting with the click of a button which helps to capture details within different color irides.

This model has replaced the now discontinued AM4113-RUT.

Measurement & CalibrationNoConnection TypeUSB 2.0
Flexible LED Control (FLC)NoResolution1280 × 1024 pixels
Automatic Magnification Reading (AMR)NoOperating SystemMac OS, Windows
Extended Depth of Field (EDOF)NoFrame Rate (max)30 fps
Enhanced Dynamic Range (EDR)NoDimensions11.4cm (H) x 3.3cm (D) (4.4" x 1.29")
​Depth Acquisition (DPQ)NoWeight111g (3.9 oz)
PolarizationNoCable Length182cm
Magnification Range20xImaging StandardsUVC
LEDsWhite (2), Yellow (2)Warranty Period2 years
Working DistanceStandardEmission Wavelength (Filter)N/A
Body MaterialPolycarbonate Resin (CALIBRE 2061-15)Excitation Wavelength (LED)N/A
Wireless AdapterWF-20 (not included)Manufactured inTaiwan
Microtouch SensorYesRegulatory ApprovalCE, FCC
Magnification LockYesIn the BoxMicroscope, Carry Pouch, Software CD
Working Distance60.233.520.913.
Field of View19.5 x 11.713 x 7.89.8 x 5.97.8 x 4.76.5 x 3.95.6 x 3.44.9 x 3.04.3 x 2.63.9 x 2.33.6 x 2.13.3 x 2.03.0 x 1.82.8 x 1.72.6 x 1.62.4 x 1.52.3 x 1.42.2 x 1.32.1 x 1.22.0 x 1.21.9 x 1.11.8 x 1.1
Depth of Field2.51.81.510.1
Working Distance2.371.3190.8230.5470.3820.280.2170.1770.1610.1570.1610.1770.1970.220.2480.280.3150.350.390.4290.469
Field of View0.768 x 0.4610.512 x 0.3070.386 x 0.2320.307 x 0.1850.256 x 0.1540.220 x 0.1340.193 x 0.1180.169 x 0.1020.154 x 0.0910.142 x 0.0830.130 x 0.0790.118 x 0.0710.110 x 0.0670.102 x 0.0630.094 x 0.0590.091 x 0.0550.087 x 0.0510.083 x 0.0470.079 x 0.0470.075 x 0.0430.071 x 0.043
Depth of Field0.0980.0710.0590.0390.004

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