RK-06A Adjustable Precision Mount for Dino-Lite Digital Microscope

The RK-06A is the newest digital microscope stand Dino-Lite has to offer. It has a simple design but great features such as…

Focus Adjustment

Using a handheld digital microscope can prove difficult at a higher magnification. Small movements – like your hand shaking – can make focusing more troublesome, using advanced features, like EDOF focus stacking, is also very difficult to do when holding the microscope by hand. Pairing the Dino-Lite with a stand minimizes interference with the microscope focus.  You can see a much clearer image every time by using the fine adjustment on the stand.

However, if you are using a very high magnification (for example: 400x-950x), the RK-10A is a better choice.

Gross Adjustment

Easily adjust the height of the microscope by simply releasing the assembly with the rear screw.

Versatile Positioning

The microscope can position at an angle on the stand. The arms on the RK-06A stand can rotate, letting you turn the arm and microscope in any direction. The digital microscope holder can also move to any angle for optimal viewing.

Extension Boom Arm

Does your subject not fit under a microscope? Is the subject large but with many details? The extendable arms on the RK-06A can help provide a much-needed range of motion.


The RK-06A digital microscope stand is easy to assemble and disassemble. If you need an inspection microscope for field work, this stand will be a big help but only take up a small space.

Easy to accessorize

To help make the RK-06A a complete solution, here are some of the many available accessories that make it easier to fit your application and magnification needs.

Goose Neck Attachment

To see the same sample object under two different angles, attach a flexible arm to your mount. This set-up provides different angles with only one (or two!) digital microscopes.

Extension Pole

Using your Dino-Lite’s lower magnification to have the whole sample in focus may often require more distance than what the standard mount height provides. Adding an extension pole can help with low magnification and large field of view issues.

Double check the microscope’s Field of View / Working Distance capabilities.

Click here for more information about this digital microscope stand. If you have more questions, feel free to contact Dino-Lite. If you have questions about pricing, here is the product page or you can shop around with these authorized distributors.

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