NEW AF 5MP Edge Series + Wireless Ready

Introducing the new 5MP Wireless Ready “AF” Edge Series Dino-Lite

The latest addition to our esteemed Dino-Lite microscope camera lineup: the updated 5MP Edge Series “AF” models with Wireless Ready capability. With enhanced features and advanced capabilities, these cutting-edge models take microscopy to a whole new level, empowering researchers, educators, and professionals across various industries.

New 2 scaled

Improved Image Sensor for Unparalleled Clarity and Detail

At the heart of these new 5MP Edge Series models lies an upgraded image sensor, delivering unparalleled image quality, exceptional detail, and remarkable color accuracy. Witness the tiniest structures and intricate specimens in stunning 5-megapixel resolution, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. Whether you’re conducting intricate research, capturing high-resolution images for documentation, or delivering engaging presentations, the new 5MP models are poised to meet your every need.

AF7915MZT WF 20
AF7915MZT shown with WF-20 (sold separately)

Wireless Ready Capability for Seamless Connectivity

Say goodbye to tangled cables and limited mobility! Our 5MP Edge Series cameras are designed to offer the utmost convenience and flexibility with their wireless-ready capability. Connect your microscope camera effortlessly to your computer or mobile device using our WF-20 wireless adapter (sold separately), enabling you to move freely around your workspace without being tethered to a cable. Embrace the freedom to explore, collaborate, and share your discoveries wirelessly, revolutionizing the way you work with microscopy.

These new models also have a detachable USB cable when in USB wired mode, making it safer and replaceable.

rear detachable
Detachable USB cable on the new AF7x15 Edge Series

DPQ: Depth Acquisition Feature

One of the standout features of the new 5MP models is the incorporation of Depth Acquisition (DPQ) technology. Uncover intricate surface details and explore the depth of your samples like never before. DPQ opens up a new dimension in microscopy, providing invaluable insights and expanding the possibilities for scientific research, quality control, and countless other applications.

Uncompromised Versatility and Reliability

In addition to the remarkable advancements mentioned above, the Dino-Lite 5MP Edge Series Wireless Ready AF models still retain all the impressive features of its predecessors*. Enjoy the versatility and ease-of-use that our customers have come to expect from Dino-Lite microscope cameras. From EDOF Focus Stacking, to adjustable LED lighting and interchangeable caps for specialized observations, these models offer a comprehensive set of tools to suit a wide range of applications.

Explore popular Edge Series features:
AMR – Auto Magnification ReadingEDOF – Extended Depth of Field
FLC – Flexible LED ControlEDR – Extended Dynamic Range
*Some features are available on specific models

Upgrade to the Future of Microscopy

The new AF 5-Megapixel Edge Series Dino-Lite microscope cameras are poised to redefine your microscopy experience. With an improved image sensor, wireless ready capability, and the DPQ depth acquisition feature, these models set a new standard for clarity, convenience, and precision.

Whether you are a researcher, educator, or professional in fields such as biology, medicine, engineering, or forensics, the 5MP Wireless Ready Edge Series will be your trusted companion in exploring the microscopic world. Stay ahead of the curve and unleash your potential with Dino-Lite’s latest innovation.

To learn more about the 5MP Wireless Ready Edge Series and explore the complete range of Dino-Lite microscope cameras, visit our website, contact us for more info or a free online demo. Discover the power of cutting-edge microscopy with Dino-Lite!

Direct Links to new Wireless-Ready 5MP Edge Series:
ModelMagnificationSpecial Features
AF7115MZT10x – 220xFLC
AF7115MZTL 10x – 140xFLC, Long Working Distance
AF7515MZT10x – 220xFLC, AMR
AF7515MZTL10x – 140xFLC, AMR, Long Working Distance
AF7915MZT10x – 220xFLC, AMR, EDOF, DPQ
AF7915MZTL10x – 140xFLC, AMR, EDOF, DPQ, Long Working Distance
Now with improved image quality and also Wireless-Ready (option to swap to Wireless with the WF-20, sold separately)
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