Introducing the Dino-Lite HD-M2 Metal Holster

We are happy to announce Dino-Lite’s redesigned metal holster, our latest upgrade designed to improve your setup. This accessory is designed to work with your Dino-Lite digital microscopes, aiming to enhance convenience and overall performance.

Added Convenience – Multiple Forms

This new design allows for easier installation and removal of the Dino-Lite, as well as a convenient horizontal positioning port.

Additionally, these are available with our standard 10mm port (HD-M2A), or a 1/2″ port (HD-M2B special-order only). 

ModelMounting HoleAvailability
HD-M2A10mmNow Available
HD-M2B1/2″Special Order Only
HD M2A 3

Key Features

  • Secure and Comfortable Design: The HD-M2 Metal Holster is thoughtfully crafted to provide a snug fit for your Dino-Lite digital microscope, ensuring stability, especially in the higher magnification ranges where the microscope is much more sensitive to movement. 
  • Quick-Release Mechanism: The holster’s quick-release mechanism allows you to swiftly retrieve your microscope for storage, or to install a different Dino-Lite
  • Versatile Attachment Options: Secure enough for powerful magnification, versatile enough for portable use.
  • Premium Build Quality: Constructed from high-quality materials.
HD M2 Instruction Manual

Improve Your Dino-Lite Experience

By utilizing HD-M2 in your Dino-Lite set-up, it will help with performance, especially if there are plans to use measurements or horizontal positioning.

The HD-M2 Metal Holster is a must-have for high-magnification models and any application requiring additional sturdiness.

HD M2A 2

Availability and Ordering

The Dino-Lite HD-M2A Metal Holster is now in stock and available for purchase. To place your order, please visit the official Dino-Lite website by clicking here.

The HD-M2B is available via special order, so please contact us for more details


If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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