Note: This information applies to Dino-Lite models which have the MicroTouch feature. Compatible models include a “T” in the model number (e.g. AM3113T, AM4115ZT, AM7115MZT).

The MicroTouch feature is a touch sensitive trigger area on the body of the Dino-Lite microscope that can be used to perform one or in some cases several set functions depending on the microscope model. On USB models it is commonly used to trigger an image capture. On TV models which cannot capture images, it is commonly used to control the lighting.

USB Models

Using a USB Dino-Lite, the behavior of the MicroTouch sensor can be controlled through the settings menu of the DinoCapture (Windows) or DinoXcope (Mac OS) software.

microtouch 1To turn MicroTouch On/Off, simply click on the MicroTouch icon represented by the letter “M” or Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘MicroTouch’ > ‘Disable MicroTouch’.

Trigger options
  • Single touch (result is triggered upon one press)
  • Double touch (result is triggered upon two consecutive presses)
  • Disabled (MicroTouch feature is not active)
Result options
  • Take a picture
  • Start/stop recording
  • Read a barcode
  • Toggle LEDs on/off
  • Start Autofocus (EDOF Models only)

TV Models

For TV models, the behavior of the MicroTouch sensor depends on the model and in some cases how it is used. Some TV models can perform one function when the sensor is pressed once and another when the sensor pressed and held down.

TV connection typeSingle pressPress and hold 1 secondPress and hold 2 seconds
RCAToggle LEDs on/offN/AN/A
VGA, HD/DVI (R4)Freeze/unfreeze the imageToggle LEDs on/offN/A
VGA, HD-DVI (R6)*N/AFreeze/unfreeze the imageToggle LEDs on/off

*R6 model update for models first available in 2017. Please contact us for specific request of R6 model.

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