High Magnification: Is it right for your application?

There is a common misconception that the higher a magnification limit is, the better the microscope is. Although you can observe much more detail at higher magnification ranges, the field of view and working distance becomes much smaller and more challenging to work with. To get an idea of how the field of view and working distance compare at different magnification ranges, please reference the following links/images below:


Field of View at different magnifications

Field of View (see images #1-6)
Working Distance (see images #4, 23)

Selecting the right scope

If 220x magnification is enough for your application needs, we recommend one of our versatile standard models that offer a 10x-220x magnification range. Popular models include AF4115ZT, WF4115ZT, AM4517MZT, and AM73915MZT

If you need higher than 220x magnification for a specific application, popular models include the AF4515ZT4 (400x-470x), AM4517MT8A (700x-900x), and AM73515MT8A (700x-900x). Keep in mind that high mag models require additional stability due to the narrow depth of field that any high magnification microscope would exhibit. For example, at ~800x mag, the depth of field is approximately 9um with a working distance of about 6mm and a field of view of 0.48mm x 0.35mm. For a quick comparison, please reference the following image below:


Depth of Field at different magnifications

For this reason, they may require a bit more patience and practice to focus and get the results that you expect compared to our other models. In some cases, a vibration pad may be needed to help keep the camera and stand steady. We do offer some suggestions and solutions to help ease that process and get a stable, clear image out of your high mag Dino-Lite.

Suggestions and solutions

One of the most important needs for high-magnification is the use of a stable stand. Our portable and/or flexible stands may not provide enough stability for your high magnification Dino-Lite. For the most versatility in positioning, specimen size, and compatibility with accessories, we recommend the RK-10A stand. The fine focus adjustment knob on the top allows you to easily bring the Dino-Lite into focus. Compatibility with positioning accessories such as the MS15X-S2 allows you to bring the point of interest into the field of view with ease.

The RK-06FA stand is similar to the RK-10A, but trades a little stability and focus adjustment refinement in exchange for better portability and extendability. 

The RK-04F is also great option with focus adjustment knobs, a very small footprint, and lower price points than the other high-mag stands.

The RK-10A, RK-06FA, and RK-04F stands each include a plastic holster. However, for more sturdiness and best results at high magnification ranges, we recommend using a metal holster such as the MSHD-M1 or MSA3M instead.

We also offer motorized stages with X/Y and Z-axis control. If your specimen can fit on one of these stages, they can be the easiest to work with. Please contact us about the M1 and M4 stages for more information.

Some applications just can’t work with a stage and you have to use the scope handheld, which is possible with the included proper cap. Simply attach the cap to the front of the microscope and then hold the cap directly against the surface and adjust the magnification power to bring the scope into focus.

More information:

Dino-Lite High Magnification Quick Tips Video: https://youtu.be/H3sxKihsfsw


High Magnification Products
  • Edge 3.0


    5MP, USB 3 with FLC, AXI, AMR & High Mag
  • EdgePLUS


    1.3MP with eFLC, AXI, AMR & High Mag
  • Dino-Lite Edge Coaxial Lighting
    Edge Series


    5MP with FLC, AXI, AMR & High Mag
  • Dino-Lite Edge Coaxial Lighting
    Edge Series


    5MP with FLC, AXI, AMR & High Mag
  • Edge Series


    Wireless Ready with FLC, AMR, Polarizer & High Mag
  • RK-10A

    Versatile Precision Mount
  • RK-06FA

    Adjustable Precision Mount with Fine Adjustment
  • RK-06A

    Adjustable Precision Mount
  • RK-04F

    Small Holder Rack with Dual Fine Adjustment
  • HD-M1

    Low-Profile Metal Screw Grip Holster
  • MSA3M

    Metal Secure Snap-in Holster
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