High Magnification + EDOF! Name a better combo…

Introducing a new combination of features! Dino-Lite is thrilled to announce that we now have a series of models with both high magnification and Extended Depth of Field (EDOF) focus stacking!

High Magnification

Certain applications may require higher magnification.

A Dino-Lite microscope’s magnification can be adjusted quickly with the turn of a dial; there is no need to swap an objective or eyepiece.

With multiple magnification ranges available, you can find the perfect Dino-Lite microscope to fit your magnification requirements, even if they are in the higher ranges.

EDOF – Extended Depth of Field

EDOF is an image processing feature designed to automatically capture and combine multiple images at different focus levels to produce a final image with greater depth of field (focus stacking). This especially helps in situations in high magnification where there is a narrow depth of field.

EDOF requires the use of a recent version of the DinoCapture 2.0 software, available for Windows PC only.

There’s more than Focus Stacking! EDOF also allows you to use:

Refocus Mode: By right-clicking your mouse, you can pick a different focal point in your image. This does not physically move your USB digital microscope out of position.

One-Touch Autofocus: Automatically focus and refocus as long as your subject is within focal range.

DPQ: Acquire depth information with compatible models. Users can acquire depth information from the focus shift between two focal planes during live imaging. Read about the compatible models and how to perform this process here.

All together in one!

With both a high magnification and extended depth of field, these models have a welcome combination to help with the narrow depth of field.

EdgePLUS and USB 3.0 Series

EdgePLUS models feature a new generation of high performance sensor for superior results. 

USB 3.0 models are ideal for video production, printing images, and especially for automated image analysis in third party programs.

When it comes to hardware, both series offer a metal body. This helps ensure maximum durability. The high quality sensor also provides fantastic results.

In the event that the cable is damaged, you can also minimize the cost and downtime with a replaceable USB cable.

Compare our new models here:

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